Wavescapes is revolutionising surfing in UK and Europe with the development of world class, surf parks. We are a development and operations company which has specific expertise in the development of inland surfing lakes and the associated facilities to deliver exciting and sustainable businesses.

Underpinning our work is the desire to balance these developments with social and environmental responsibility. We see wave sports as a unique way of engaging and inspiring society into a healthier, more active lifestyle whilst providing a sustainable business and wider economic benefits.

Surfing is an activity enjoyed by millions for its unrivalled excitement, chilled lifestyle and health benefits. Surfing is an iconic sport but is currently limited to specific coastal locations, to daylight hours and requires suitable ocean conditions, making it often hard to surf and tricky to learn.
Our mission is to help make the world a better place by delivering inspiring, sustainable inland surf facilities.

A surf destination is a healthy-lifestyle mixed-use destination designed around an inland surf lagoon. It serves a larger community and creates a destination where everyone ( all ages, backgrounds and abilities) can have fun, get healthy and be inspired.

The lagoon acts as the centrepiece and blends local retail, healthy food, world class sports and training, and an ongoing schedule of special and private events.

The surf lagoon can also be the centre point of a new resort development or added to an existing destination to refresh the visitor experience. It will create a uniqueness and create memorable experiences for new and returning visitors.

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Preparatory Services

• Concept development
• Land Identification and acquisition
• Wave technology selection
• Architectural and landscape concept design
• Detailed visitor forecasting and feasibility
• Planning pre-application negotiation
• Conceptual design, operation, and sustainability objectives
• Building a consultant project team
• Local Government relations
• Meetings with Mayor, County Council & planning departments
• Explored private/public partnerships within the region
• Community relations with surfers, school districts & stakeholders
• Managed project budget, financing and schedule

Pre-development Services

• Managed project finances, developed a detailed cost plan with QS team
• Prepared full detailed business model
• Legal contract development for procurement of design and building contractors
• Detailed civil, structural and M&E documentation
• Finance market negotiations

Brand Development Services

• Develop a brand for the development
• Generate significant following through social media, PR and marketing services
• Marketing content generation
• Website development
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Sustainability is in the DNA of Wavescapes.

The business is based on the ‘triple bottom line’ of sustainability - a concept coined by John Elkington.

Sustainability can be measured according to environmental, financial and social factors. The success of a business is normally measured on the financial profit & loss or the ‘bottom line’.The triple bottom line adds social and environmental profit & loss to the mix to assess the overall sustainability of a business.
Sustainability requires that the system aims to not make a loss in any of the three elements. In reality this means that the system must aim to make a profit in order that inevitable occasional losses balance out and do not result in the degradation and collapse of the system.

The Bruntland definition:

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Social Responsibility (SR)
SR makes sure we do things right whilst having a positive effect on everyone and everything around us.
The Wave is committed to SR. Everything we do is measured, thought about and adapted if needed.This makes us work better and react to any issues.We are always improving as a company, always looking to help local communities and always caring for the local environment.

The Wavescapes Approach
Our sustainability policy is both overarching for us as an organisation as well as site specific for the facilities we build.We have developed an operational breakdown for each site outlining how we will implement policy right down to the smallest detail.We do not claim to be 100% but we commit to do everything we can within our working model to deliver the best in terms of sustainability.